Other Ways in order to save Gmail Emails With Attachments to Hard Drive

Google develops Gmail as being a free email service that mainly stores contacts, messages, and understanding. It’s efficient and helpful and in addition it mainly includes a storage capacity of 15 GB, and you will access Gmail round the laptop or on mobile. Hence it plays a crucial role for the professionals. Speculate of some conditions, you need to switch your hard earned money for that new mail services. Using this, you will need the information backup of Gmail. If you’re also facing exactly the same problem then don’t fret once i will talk about 2 types of methods i.e. manual method along with the other way you’ll be able to keep the Gmail emails for that Hardware. However, we have to comprehend the real reason behind the switch. So just relax and sit lower to learn more, keep studying…

The actual reason behind the transfer if Gmail data for that hard drive

Storage capacity – as we be familiar with Gmail includes a limited storage capacity, once it crosses to limit, it’ll instantly restrict itself making hindrances like nonfunctioning of Gmail services or private information loss.

Inaccessibility of Gmail account – Many users cannot access their Gmail account because of the destabilization within the Gmail. Hence you should save important data within the USB drive, Hard-drives, etc. and may apply it whenever it must be.

Manual strategy for saving Gmail Data to Hard Drive

Users can transfer their Gmail data into any preferred location via Google Takeout Services. Google Takeout will download and save the chosen data within the .zip file. Let us read these steps and identify the manual strategy for saving Gmail emails with attachments for that Hard Drive.

First, you’ve to enroll in your Google Account profile.

Then, pick and mark the whole data item you have to save

Next tap across the Create Archive button to initiate the operation of the download. When the installing starts, users can measure the installing process progress.

Finally, when all of the mailbox products downloaded, it is simple to keep the Gmail data with an exterior hard drive or Sdcard by simply tapping across the Save icon.

Limitations of Manual Strategy for saving Gmail data to Hard Drive

Sometimes, Google Takeout could possibly get destabilized during installing the Gmail data.

There’s no assurance to get a safe download of Gmail data.

It’s a quite time-consuming and prolonged process.

A newcomer person may need technical help over these steps.


Although it is a free method of doing things only saves just one Gmail email formerly and doesn’t provide cautious save multiple emails concurrently. Additional utilize a third-party solution like SysInfoTool Gmail Backup Software . During this blog, I’ve discussed both manual along with other ways. The manual method needs a technical need in every step as it will be challenging for that newbie person to handle so, not to make things harder you’ll be able to make use of the choice method as it is quick and easy to make use of. It mainly downloads and Backup Emails, Contacts, Calendar and, G-Drive products, Backup Gmail emails somewhere, exterior hard disk or USB, while offering a choice to backup Google Docs / Spreadsheets / Slides / Images. Finally, I’ll leave this decision for that users as they possibly can pick the following ways of save their Gmail emails with attachment for that hard drive.


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