Understanding Your Reputation Score to Improve Your Business

Online reviews are going to happen whether you want them to or not. People want to share their experiences as a way to help others. A reputation score allows you to find out just how well you’re doing as a business.

How Your Reputation Score is Calculated

Your score is based on the number of reviews that you have. When you have more positive reviews, your score goes up. When you have more negative reviews, your score goes down.

If your score drops too low, it can be detrimental in a number of ways. It can make it harder for you to be visible in the search engines. It can also alter how potential customers view you.

Your score is always changing as more people leave reviews. It’s not as easy as going to Google to look at how many reviews you have, either. Reviews are left on dozens of sites. You may not even be aware of how many reviews of your business are out there. Consumers are savvy, and they may check more than one site to learn about you before choosing you over the competition.

How You Can Improve Your Score

Customers look at reviews to determine whether they can trust you. No one wants to spend their money with a company if they think they’re going to be taken advantage of. It’s why so many people read reviews. It allows them to give their business to one they feel is worthy.

You need to not only be aware of your score but learn how to improve it. Often, it’s about reading the reviews and knowing where your trouble areas are. Additionally, it’s about actively seeking out more positive reviews so that you can bury the bad ones.

Your reputation is of the utmost importance. If you’ve noticed your sales dropping consistently over the past few weeks or months, it may have a lot to do with what the reviews are saying about you. If you’re not careful, a bad review can haunt you for a significant amount of time – even if you have done everything you can to improve your operations.

Knowing your reputation score allows you to set a benchmark. You can figure out where you stand and what you need to do to improve things. If you stay in the dark about your reputation, you may watch your business decline tremendously. There are things that you can do, and it starts by learning about what your business’ reputation is online.

Your reputation score can define you as a business. Once you know your score, you can take control. You can ensure that your target audience is seeing you at your very best. It can provide people with the ability to trust you and choose you over all of the other businesses that are out there.


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