How to Learn Combat Lightsaber Forms

Anyone with a deep love of Star Wars and lightsabers is probably at least somewhat familiar with the seven combat lightsaber forms. They are the techniques the Jedi and Sith used to fight with their lightsabers. Did you know that these forms have become a part of our reality? There are people learning to duel with them today, and you can learn too.

The Storied Forms

In Star Wars lore, the lightsaber forms are truly impressive. They empower Force users to perform amazing feats. There are forms that rely on acrobatics, forms that channel the dark side, forms that focus on strength and power, forms that simplify fighting and more. The totality of the forms is deep, and without the Force, it would seem that they are out of the reach of mere mortals. However, if you’ve ever wanted to duel with a lightsaber, there might be a way for you to master your own form.

Choosing a Form

First, you have to know the different forms. In canon, there are seven, and each has a different focus. This is a complete crash course. You can find more information about each form here. The first form is elementary and focuses on lightsaber fundamentals. The second form is footwork heavy and more about counter play. The third form emphasizes defense. The fourth form is the first of the aggression forms and it uses a lot of acrobatics. Form V was designed around heavy counter-attacks. Form VI aimed to combine as many techniques as possible. The last form is the most aggressive and channels the dark side. When you think about which of those appeals to you the most, you can decide where you want your journey to begin. 

Learning the Forms for Real

LudoSport is a real sport that is built around lightsaber duels. It’s pretty cool, and it teaches the seven forms, drawing from real-world analogs. Form I is still all about fundamentals. Form II draws heavily from rapier techniques. Form III emphasizes reading opponents and making calculated moves. Form IV focuses on endurance and athleticism. Form V is derived from longsword fencing. Form VI still mixes as many styles as possible. Form VII is more about mentality than physical moves, but it remains very aggressive.

You can experiment with combat lightsaber forms on your own, or you can join a dueling league. Your journey is your own, but you can rest assured that these forms have become reality. Pursuing them can be a way to have fun, get some exercise and maybe make some friends along the way.


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