Learn About Different Location Trackers for Your Kids

Do you often worry about your kids when they head outside? Do you wait for them until they reach home safely from school? Do you get panicked when they do not come back home on time? If these concerns are clouding your mind and getting on your nerves, then you probably need to adopt some measures to keep a check on their whereabouts whenever they go somewhere.

No matter how relaxed parents may feel, at the back of their minds, they will still be worried about their kids turning up late at home. It’s normal for kids to be late from school because they might get caught in something or get distracted by their friends. But what if they get distracted by strangers? What if they met some stranger along the way who drove them to an unknown place? What if they get abducted by someone on their way home?

It’s difficult not to get paranoid when you do not know where exactly your kid is. You can only heave a sigh of relief when you know where your kid is and how long would they take to reach home. Thanks to advanced technology, we now have a solution that helps us track our kid’s location. Yes, we are talking about location-tracking devices such as Mobistealth.

In this post, we will take a closer look at some incredible location tracking solutions that can help you track your kid’s location. Some location trackers work best for younger kids whereas some are suitable for older ones, including teens.

Best Location Trackers for Your Kids

Choosing a location tracker for kids can become challenging for parents because there are different types of location trackers available in the market. It becomes hard to choose one because each one of them looks better than the other.

Depending on your requirement, you can choose an appropriate location tracker for your kids. For instance, you can make your choice on different factors such as your kid’s age, whether they own a smartphone, how independent they are, etc. Remember, your end goal should be keeping track of your kid’s location, no matter where they are.

Locator Beacons

A locator beacon is a location tracking device that helps you locate your kid when they are within a range of several hundred feet. You can use this device when your kid goes out with you or goes to an area that is really close to your house.

As soon as your kid goes away from your sight, you can simply press the button on the locator beacon and the device will make a sound. Some locator beacons allow you to set an alarm and will go off as soon as your kid moves beyond the predetermined area from the remote control.

This location tracker is quite handy, works really well in a small area, and is also not costly. However, it won’t work if your kid moves beyond the predetermined location from the remote control. Also, it doesn’t work in noisy environments.

GPS Trackers

GPS trackers are suitable for kids who are a bit independent and can go out without you. Most GPS trackers come in the form of pendants, key rings, and even clip-on trackers. These devices can be worn as jewelry or attached to your kid’s bag or clothing. These devices are rather expensive and also require an internet connection to work.

GPS trackers are such location-tracking devices that help you keep track of your kid’s location. They even allow you to set safe zones such as home or school so that your kids cannot leave those areas at particular times. In case they do, you will be instantly notified.

The only downside to using GPS trackers is that kids might take them off from their clothing or bags when they are playing, leaving you to track only the location where they have put the device. Older kids may intentionally try to take them off to avoid being tracked. It can take a lot of time to make kids understand that GPS trackers are only there for their safety.


Smartwatch is another location tracker that can be used to track your kid’s location. A smartwatch is worn by kids on their wrists so it is very unlikely that they will take it off, unlike GPS trackers. Smartwatches are equipped with more features including phone calls, texting, educational games, step-counting, etc. These features make the gadget even more interesting for kids.

Some smartwatches come with a built-in sensor that allows parents to detect whether the kid or someone else has attempted to remove the device from their wrist. Another major benefit of a smartwatch is that your kid won’t miss your call even in the noisiest and crowded places.

Apple smartwatches are considered the best smartwatches in the world. They may be costly but they come with incredible features. When you’re purchasing a smartwatch for your kid, be sure to get one that offers protection against cybercriminals. Because you do not want anyone to find your kid’s location and any other personal information.

Location Tracking Apps

Location-tracking apps are third-party apps that can be easily installed on a smartphone. If your kid is older and owns a smartphone, then you can consider installing a location-tracking app on your phone. Using a location tracking app can save you a lot of money because then you don’t have to buy an extra gadget for your kid. Moreover, it will also be easier for your kid to carry.

In case you are looking for a full-fledged monitoring app with more monitoring features, then you can opt for Mobistealth. This cell phone spy app will let you track your kid’s location along with many other things including their phone calls, text messages, emails, web browsing history, and social media.

Most monitoring apps are compatible with all leading mobile platforms including Android and iPhone. All you need to do is download the app, install it on your kid’s smartphone, and remotely track their location from anywhere and at any time. The monitoring app will send you timely alerts of your kid’s whereabouts and help you keep a close eye on them. That way you can locate your kid’s movement in real-time.

When you feel your kid is entering an unsafe zone or is at someplace where they shouldn’t be, you can immediately reach out for them and save them from a dangerous situation.


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