Home automation can mean different things to different people. Home automation is rapidly evolving as it meets a wide range of smart products to suit people’s needs at home. With the internet of things (IoT), the reality of intelligent homes is gradually coming into fruition, with smart home products being integrated into more applications and solutions. Smart homes are only the beginning, and in 2021, they are becoming a reality. With the expectation of 5G networks and natural language processing, 2021 will even be a more innovative year.

These days, it is possible to combine smart devices, voice control systems, and real-time data resulting in a fully integrated home system. This post will look at what is new in home automation and energy management in 2021, from the exhaustive list of https://integratedtechnologiesaustralia.com.au/resource-centre/20-of-the-best-home-automation-ideas.

Home automation in 2021

Although homes have always been connected to the internet, many do not have intelligent systems. Internet connects a home to the outside world, but that doesn’t mean that the devices are smart. However, that is set to change in 2021. The presence of artificial intelligence, IoT, natural language processing, and 5G networks will result in automation such as:

Voice-controlled systems

Voice-controlled systems such as Google Home and Alexa are gradually becoming an integral feature of smart homes. That comes after significant advancements in natural language processing. That means you will be able to command a wide range of smart devices in your home, such as kitchen appliances, temperature control, entertainment systems, etc., using your voice.

Autonomous robots

We have seen autonomous cleaning robots become a central part of home automation technology. Autonomous home application robots are receiving much attention, and with advances in technology, they will become a resourceful part of home automation in 2021.

Health monitoring at home

By merging smart devices with IoT in home automation systems, people will easily monitor their health, such as sleeping patterns, stress and activity levels, nutrition, etc.

Energy management in 2021

Energy management in 2021 means more homes will become energy efficient, which is a significant step in protecting our ecosystem. Efficient energy production, use, and demand management will integrate to form an energy management system that will reduce energy consumption and ultimately lower utility costs.

Renewable energy production for homes

New home builders and architects are collaboratively working on designing homes that can leverage renewable energy. Today, many homeowners are embracing solar power energy, and it will become a crucial part of home energy systems in 2021.

5G network to power IoT

The expected 5G network will be fast enough to connect a wide range of devices simultaneously and ultimately reduce energy consumption. That means devices will share data more efficiently and in real-time to create a smart home system. That results in better energy usage prediction, thus increased energy efficiency.

Home programming from smartphones

In 2021, it will be possible to control your entire home energy system from your smartphone through the internet of things. You can monitor solar panels, regulate temperatures, coordinate IoT devices, and manage your home’s energy consumption from your phone wherever you are.

Concluding thoughts

Home automation and energy management are rapidly gaining momentum in 2021. It is time to create a truly innovative and intelligent home system through the internet of things.


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