Did the pandemic accelerate the CX digital transformation?

Covid-19 has massively driven people, organizations and government to a digital way of working. Demand for digital grew during the pandemic mainly because of lockdowns and working from home. This new way of functioning has accelerated digital transformation across industries. 

83% of global marketers have said they have increased their spending on Digital marketing and CX tools over the last 12 months and 82% have experienced a positive ROI from these technology investments. Even in the tough economic conditions to keep up the customer experience, we saw brands rapidly shifting to digital ways of CX delivery. 

  1. Self-serve knowledgebase

Many companies have added a repository of self-help FAQs. Self-service has reduced the necessity to have a CX agent leading to cost reduction yet a continuity to customer support. And most of the customers started adopting this self-help way of support. So the self-service knowledge base is here to stay and we can expect more innovation in this space.

  1. Remote workforce: 

The pandemic caused people to stay at home which eventually changed the way we work, particularly among white-collared workers. With adequate collaboration tools, it is possible to keep the workforce operating remotely. Companies saw a major cost reduction and productivity improvement by enabling the workforce to operate remotely. Seeing this we can expect remote work to thrive leading to a dependency on digital transformation. 

  1. Remote technology

Digital transformation has become a priority in recent times. Due to technological advancements like intelligent routing, intelligent ticket system automation, dashboard data and visual analytics and visualizations, all this has led to an improvement in agents productivity, to provide better customer service, manage work-life balance and also provides a bigger talent pool. 

How digital transformation helped?

  • Facilitate meaningful artificial intelligence interactions:  To test and mobilize artificial intelligence Customer service is the best opportunity  to try. Next-generation contact centres often provide the right infrastructure for artificial intelligence. 
  • Reduce interaction costs: Digital tools can help companies reduce cost and save time as digital self-service can reduce the number of agents working for the most common query,  allowing the agents to solve only the most complex issues.
  • Improve security and fraud prevention: Next-generation contact centres use tools such as biometric authentication and voice-print technology to increase privacy and reduce the risk of fraud.
  • Route calls and addresses concern more efficiently: Next-generation contact centres can identify the potential reason for a customer’s call, and route the calls to only those customer service representative with the right expertise 

For good or worse, pandemic in a way pushed us to adopt some of the alternative solutions and after seeing the cost reduction and comfort of these digitally advanced solutions, we can expect companies to invest more towards the digital transformation. 


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