Top 3 Free PC Screen Recorder

Screen recording software allows the user to record on-screen activities and is used to create tutorials, demo, YouTube videos, and more. With this software, it’s easy to record videos from screen and webcam.

Screen recording posed a real challenge in the past. It required the use of complicated methods and tools or the use of software expert which is often expensive and less feasible. 

Fortunately, the rapid growth of digital technology has significantly improved the availability of user-friendly screen recorders that don’t involve many complexities.

Nowadays, it is easy to record gameplay, create quality tutorials, etc., without breaking a sweat. 

There are tons of screencast tools available, the following is a hand-picked list of the top three screen recorders:

  1. iFun Screen Recorder 

iFun screen recorder is a powerful, free screen recorder tool that provides all the basic recording and editing needs. iFun’s major advantage over most free screen recorders is that it has no time limit, and no watermarks (although you still have to disable the default watermark in the Settings before using it). It involves easy setup and use. 

After launching the software, the requirements for the configuration of your screen recorder is provided by a floating window. Select if you want to record the entire screen, a particular application window, or a user-defined area. 

There are different tool options available for use while recording. Examples of these clickable tools include the speaker, webcam, mouse, and camera. When you select webcam, it appears as an overlay on the screen, which can be repositioned by clicking and dragging, or you can create a default corner and size from the app’s settings. 

From the settings, an audio format can be selected, and you can also create a new storage location for every recording. Furthermore, you can choose from the different video container options apart from the default MP4. 

 Download the free screen recorder now

  1. Open Broadcaster Software 

Open Broadcaster Software(OBS) is a high definition, free screen video recorder that provides users with no time limit regarding the length of videos, as well as offering recordings with no watermarks.

With this recording software, you can choose to record the full screen or just a segment of the screen. It has customizable hotkeys that assist in making recording easier, and an audio mixer that can help create videos with seamless audio.

In addition to its basic screencasting functionality, OBS has live-streaming features that are unavailable in the default screen recorders of major operating systems. It allows you to stream live on twitch, gaming, YouTube, and convert recordings to FLV format. 

  1. AceThinker 

Acethinker is a web-based screen recorder that requires a simple set-up process and usage. It can be used to record a particular section of the screen or the entire screen, make real-time edits for a more engaging video, and simultaneously record audio from your mic and system.

With this software, you can convert and store your recordings in different video formats like MP4, API, and MOV. It also has features that can be used to upload recordings directly to Google Drive, YouTube or Dropbox. 

These features are accessible using the app’s free version, but also the PRO version is available with access to additional features. The PRO version stands out because it enables you to create scheduled tasks for screen records. 


Screen recording applications can be used for a wide range of tasks, and the right ones don’t even have to be costly. You may accomplish your goals with a free screen recorder depending on the specific needs and the operating system you are using. 

With one of these screen recording software, your screen recording requirements should be met, whether it’s sharing gameplay with your colleagues or creating a Youtube tutorial.


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