How to Recover Data from a Damaged Mac?

The data can be recovered from the recycle bin or hard drive if it is lost or accidentally deleted. The backup systems and software can restore the data if the hard drive is safe. However, if the hard drive is damaged and the data is lost or deleted, then it can be challenging as well as stressful to recover the data. As the data in the damaged drive can be lost completely if not handled with care. What are the safety steps in such cases? How you can recover your data?

The data can be recovered from a hard drive but you need to be very careful as a single mistake can affect the functioning of yourdevice. The following guide can help to achieve data recovery from a damaged Mac or harddrive.

1.     Recovery using Time Machine backup:

The data can be recovered from Time Machine Backup. This is a built-in software in the Mac. You need to restart your Mac Device, then hold the key  command+R or other alternate keys until the Apple logo appears on the screen, follow the guided instruction. Then click on Restore From Time Machine Backup. Connect the external hard drive to your Mac and choose it, and then click Continue. Select the Time Machine backup you want to restore and choose a pocation to store the files. Last, your data will be restored.

2.     Recover from previous backups

If you are one of those who take regular backups, congratulations! You have found the most efficient and fast way to fuifull data recovery form your damaged Mac. Since all your data has a backup, you just need to connect the storage device or log in to your net backup account, and you can have all your data back!

3.     Data Recovery software:

If you neither have a Time Machine Backupnor daily backup,in such cases, you can install data recovery software for Mac. The best data recovery software for Mac to recover data is iBoysoft data recovery for Mac. This data recovery software is very easy to use. Data recovery software can work on the damaged hard drive to recover data. It performs a deep scan and finds the location of the lost files. Now the data can easily be restored to your computer. This data recovery software also has a paid version that offers maximum benefits to the user and helps to recover without corrupting other files.

4.     Repair the hard drive:

The data can be recovered from the damaged Mac by repairing the hard drive. The Mac has built-in functions and a system to recover from the damaged hard drive and restore the lost files. As the Mac is damaged, launch the DiskUtility in your Mac before it gets worsened. Then click on the first aid and it will start looking for volume errors in the operating system. While the first aid is running, you are not suggested to run other apps on the Mac. The DiskUtility will detect damaged and corrupted errors and they will soon be fixed.

If the hard drive is recovered by using DiskUtility on the Mac, you may findyour lost files.


The safest method to protect your data is to have backup plans so you can recover and restore the data as soon as possible. Otherwise, the best way to fulfill data recovery is to install third-party software. Luckily, we have one recommendation for you, that is iBoysoft Data Recovery for Mac. It comes with high recovery rate, 100% safety, and easy-to-use interface.


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