Paraquat lawsuits: All you need to know!

For the unversed, Paraquat is a weed killer, which has been extensively in use across the world. In recent years, Paraquat has been in the news for its link in causing Parkinson’s disease. The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has classified paraquat for “restricted use”. This means that only licensed people can use the product. So, what is a Paraquat lawsuit? In this post, we are discussing some of the important aspects of Paraquat lawsuits. 

Knowing the basics

Paraquat is a weed & grass killer, but has been linked to health issues, especially in cases of accidental ingestion. The lawsuits claim that the weed killer caused people to develop Parkinson’s disease. The crux of these lawsuits is manufacturers should be held liable for the same, because they knew the risk but didn’t warn the public. There is enough evidence and big studies to back the claim made in these lawsuits. 

Who can file a paraquat lawsuit?

Agricultural workers, who have been exposed to paraquat and have developed Parkinson’s disease, may have the scope to file lawsuits. These paraquat lawsuits have been filed against manufacturers, such as Syngenta. If you were exposed to the herbicide and have developed Parkinson’s disease, you may want to talk to a lawyer handling such lawsuits. The basic requirements for filing such a lawsuit remains the same – You must have been exposed to paraquat, either when you were working for a company that used the herbicide, or were trained/licensed to use paraquat. 

What’s the litigation status of these lawsuits?

In the last few years, paraquat lawsuits have been filed in many states. These lawsuits name companies, such as Chevron Chemical Company and Syngenta. If you talk to a lawyer and decide to file a lawsuit, you should know that yours will be an individual case, which may eventually consolidate into a multidistrict litigation. MDLs often help in speeding up the settlement process, as the judge will hear a few bellwether cases, and the judgement will be considered for all lawsuits. So far, there have been no settlements on these lawsuits. 

Talk to an attorney

Just because you believe that you have developed Parkinson’s disease because of this herbicide doesn’t mean you have a case. Your best bet is a law firm that’s accepting these lawsuits, and their top attorneys can guide further on the matter. If and when there is a settlement, you will get a separate settlement, unlike class action.


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