Increasing Software Development Team Efficiency and Productivity with Jira and BI Tools

Agile team managers can use Jira for streamlining the software development process. Jira is a project management tool that can help developers perform their tasks efficiently, reach the goals they set, and deliver high-quality products without delay. 

Collaborating on a project using Jira allows every member of a team to access and contribute to planning, monitoring, and product release data. The tool compiles information on problems and user stories, distribution tasks, and sprints. It can be added as an important data source that business intelligent (BI) tools can track. BI tools are an innovative strategy to increase productivity. Click here to learn more about the importance of Jira for BI analysis:

Understanding Business Intelligence

As a manager, you will have to make important decisions at all times. Because of this, you should have specialized software that can help support your ideas. Business Intelligence tools exist to analyze and process arrays of data, packaging them into accessible files for your reference. They help in picking out information from Jira, simplifying the decision-making process. BI tools are meant to boost operational efficiency. The BI environment uses business models, ETL tools, and data models. Also, it operates Big Data, Data Mining, and Data Warehouse. 

Jira and BI Partnership

While Jira is the data source that can help you manage projects, as well as truck bugs and issues, BI helps you make interactive reports and convert data into actionable insights. This combination could be the key to your business success. 

Managers can use BI dashboards to get detailed information on a project. This allows them to always keep track of a project’s progress and important key performance indicators (KPIs) and respond quickly to possible roadblocks. In addition, you can analyze why Jira problems may take longer than usual. This kind of problem can arise when a team does not have enough members to get the job done or when the assignment is more complex than expected.

Connecting Jira to BI tools brings your Jira data to life. This provides you with data from several sources in one place, which makes it easy to create actionable insights. Teams can explore and analyze their data, making interactive reports, visualizations, and data dashboards in a matter of minutes.

The last step is to turn insights into action. When planning future business activities, data should be turned into information. As a result, the efficiency and productivity of an organization as a whole will improve. 


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