Things To Know Before You Open A Tiktok Shop

Now you can engage users using the TikTok shopping and stay ahead of the competition. Without any question or doubt, TikTok is one of the most popular and downloaded social media applications. Before August 2021, the shopping occurred in TikTok organically. Creators used to refer to the products and viewers cleaned the local stores and e-commerce sites.

With Shopify, TikTok has made it official by announcing TikTok shop. This social commerce experience streamlines the product to discovery and app-shopping to the platform.

But what about the seller? how to selling in tiktok (ขาย ของ ใน tiktok, which is the term in Thai)? All these questions would be reviewed in this article.

How To Set Up Tiktok Shop

You can set up a TikTok shop by hiding towards the TikTok seller center. Sign up and upload the necessary documents to get started with the process. Make sure you add products and link the bank account to become an official TikTok merchant.

Promote The Product To Increase The Sale

As you set up your shop, let the audience know about your product. Make sure you promote them to sell them. You can select various ways, like mentioning them in the post or featuring them in the lifestream. You can also add new product shoutouts, especially to your bio.

When people start to notice your product, be creative

Partner With Influences

TikTok is indeed more than just any social media platform. One can say that it is a dubbed cultural phenomenon. If you lag in terms of trends, fashion sense, and creativity, you might be better off in the TikTok community. Someone who breathes and lives on the platform can prepare the audience for the creative direction.

Finding the perfect influence can be a perfect game changer. Partnering with the creators can let you ward off the worries about how to selling in tiktok (ขาย ของ บน tiktok, term in Thai)? Creative freedom to express themselves can let one have many brand engagements with new audiences and attract more. It would help to sell out products quickly.

Bottom Line

Posting authentic content to reveal your sense of humor and taking advantage of existing trends can make you a popular name on this social media website. With the world being closed in a bubble, the seller can offer the best E-Commerce experience to the customer. At the same time, increase brand awareness by joining hands and collaborating with other influencers. It is no wonder that TikTok can make you popular in a short time.


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