Everything You Need to Know About iPhone Cases

Since the release of the first iPhone in 2007, there’s been a new generation each year after that. Because of their cost, it’s safe to say that iPhones are a status symbol. Most people think that if you can afford the latest iPhone, you must be comfortably well off. There are even those who are in favour of going caseless to show off the iPhone’s sleek, slim profile as if to further prove they have the means.

Of course, not all iPhone owners don’t share that sentiment and are practical enough to want to keep their phone properly protected. After all, if you spent a good bit of money on it, you want it to stay in good condition and not worry about it getting scratched up or cracked, right? That said, here are a few things you need to know about iPhone cases. 

They’re Made of Various Materials

There’s no question that plastic, silicone, and leather – whether real or synthetic – don’t feel the same. But did you know iPhone cases can be made out of materials besides those three? These other choices include carbon fibre, wood or bamboo, and aramid fibre. This last one is one of the top picks for cases because the fibre may be thin, but it still offers enough protection against scratches and being dropped. 

All in all, these materials don’t usually interfere with phone signals – at least, not too much that they make the iPhone difficult to use. However, each material affects your overall experience with the phone, how it feels in your hand when you hold it, and as you can already tell, just how much protection the phone has.

So whether you want some friction for a better grip on your iPhone, or you’re after something sleeker and smoother, it’s best to look at the material used for the case before you make a decision.

Phone Compatibility is Rarely an Issue

A few generations back, you had to check the size of the phone case and make sure it was compatible with your phone. Otherwise, it wouldn’t fit and you’d have wasted money. Fortunately, iPhone sizes haven’t changed drastically in the past few years, so there are cases that are compatible with several models at once. 

You Need to Pay Attention to Case Features

Not all cases come with the same features, and some even have a feature or two that you don’t need. For example, older iPhone cases are likely to have a hole for a headphone jack, but if you have the iPhone 7 or one of the newer models, then you can disregard those cases. After all, the newer models don’t come with a headphone jack, anyway. 

Other features you may see on an iPhone case include credit card storage; battery cases; raised switches for power and volume control; photo cases for lens mounts; and raised corners for better screen protection. Take note of which features you want, and which ones you can do without. Then you can narrow down your search.

Once you determine your desired features, the material you want the case to be made out of, and the size of the case, then you can begin picking and choosing from among the iPhone cases you were considering, using factors such as your budget to ultimately help you make a decision. And if you’re not sure where to start your search, you can check out our collection on this page.


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