Listen To Youtube Music In The Background With YoutubeVancedApk Download

I’ve been searching for a free app that can play music on YouTube in the background so I can still listen to it while using other apps on my android phone. In case you hadn’t guessed, I found one! YouTube Vanced supports such background playing in a resizable floating window that sits on top of your other apps. It does pretty much all the functions you’d desire out of YouTube such as downloading all your favorite YouTube music and videos.

You can’t download this app on Google Play so I’ll give you some more insights right here. I really recommend all Android users try it out with some methods I’ll share with you below.

YouTube Vanced is so powerful it doesn’t abide by all of Google Play’s policies which is why you won’t be able to download it from Google Play Store. Remember Google owns YouTube so an app that undermines its Premium features (eg playing in background) is a big no no. So to install this app, you you have to download the APK. Check out the end of this article ro find out more about the downloading procedure. Anyway, you won’t need to login or register once the app is installed, just enter the YouTube Vanced main page, filled out with videos and look for the search button in the top right. All your favorite videos and music can be found directly though there 🙂

Once you’re inside the detail page of the video, you can choose from all the options. AT the bottom of the video, for instance, is the “background” button, which is my favorite method of listening to all my music. I’ve never encountered a problem with it, even if the screen is locked as well as simply browsing all my other apps.

Moreover, there is also a pop up function which enables you to resize your Youtube videos on top of your other app windows while you browse them. This is especially great if you’re half watching something like a music video or a regular video and you can continue replying to messages and scrolling around facebook.

On top of this, YoutubeVanced allows you to easily download any YouTube video and audio files straight to you phone. The format will be MP4 with 1080P the highest resolution it will support, which I find to be the best choice for videos. In the case of music audio files, you can choose between ma4 and mp3 where ma4 is usually the quality that provides 128 kbs and is therefore more merciful on your storage space.

You’ll find it easy to create playlists which can be categorised. Simply tap the “Add To”button to any videos that you like and add them to whichever list you have set up, a lot like YouTube playlists.

I would say there are no drawbacks from using YouTube Vanced as far as I can tell. It fulfils all the major functions you would want and I have not found a better app for listening to music and watching videos while allowing me to use my other apps at the same time. I think you should give it a try and you’ll be surprised.

Click YouTube Vanced APK  to download it via its official website.


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