The Top SEO Tools for Digital Marketing Companies

There are a number of tools that search engine optimization professionals use to get any SEO task done. With several new choices in the market each day, how do you know which tool is the best for your SEO tasks? Experts suggest that there are a few valuable tools that every digital marketing agency should invest in and use, having the right tool for a specific task is of the utmost importance when it comes to this professional. Clients are looking for agencies that can provide them with the best quality services that are not time-consuming and resource-intensive as well as bring in customers and conversions.

While there are a lot of free SEO tools out there, you need more sophisticated solutions to optimize your site the proper way with an increased engagement and conversion rate. Here are a couple of SEO tools used by digital marketing companies that can help make your job more productive and successful, and give you the efficiency and accuracy you desire.

What kind of software do digital marketing agencies need?

Depending on the type of agency, the tasks they need to perform, their clientele, their departments, and specific needs either big or small, there are many SEOservices software programs that make your job so much easier. For small companies as well as big clients, here are some of the best software options on the market that will help you with all of your SEO needs.

This program is a complete keyword research tool that functions with the world’s largest database of search queries. They search the entire internet 24/7 like most search engines and store certain kinds of information about website ranking, keywords, linking, and much more. This tool lets you know the keyword difficulty score for every query you ask and determines how hard your website needs to work to rank on the first page of Google’s search engine ranking – the score ranges from one being the easiest to 100 being the hardest.

If you have a website, you can avail of this program for free. It allows you to monitor and report on your site’s presence in Google SERP. You just need to verify your website with a code or by Google Analytics and submit your sitemap for indexing. This allows you to control what gets indexed and how your website is represented. This SEO checker tool helps you to get an idea of how Google and your niche audience view your website and how you can optimize it for better performance.

Tools like SEMRush tend to be a favorite in every eCommerce website designing company in India.This program allows you to gain easy access to your rankings, identify changes, and new opportunities as well as the domain vs domain analysis feature that lets you easily compare your website to your competitors. If you are looking for an analytics report to understand your search data, traffic, competitors, keywords, and domains better then this program is your best bet. It also provides you with recommendations on how to improve your site’s performance.

Moz Pro is one of the best SEO services tools that most experts in the industry use. It is always up-to-date despite Google’s algorithm changes and allows you to get an insightful response to every question you need – whether it’s keyword recommendations, site crawl or how your website is performing and tips to improve it, Moz is your powerhouse. It has a free toolbar that keeps track of your website metrics while browsing any page and has several free tools you can check out.

The Takeaway

When selecting the right tools for your digital marketing agency, think about what tools you would need with the brands you are working with. There are a number of SEO tools available that improve productivity and cut your time down in half – ensure that you are picking the correct ones to ensure you get the desired results.


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