20 Simple Ways to Increase Motivation in the Workplace

Increasing motivation in the workplace is important both for the organisation as well as for the employees. Jigsaw Academy offers human resource courses to advance your career in hr further. Wondering how to motivate employees in the workplace? 

Read the 20 tips below to know the ways to motivate employees.

1.Focus on the positive rather than the negative in your employees. Positive motivation in hrm pushes the employees to work better and harder. It is essential to focus on the carrot and not the stick unless you cannot ignore it. It is okay to point out the negatives, but you should highlight the positives more than the negatives to motivate employees.

2.Define the purpose of the employees’ work. No one wants to work without reason. Mundane tasks performed daily can tire one out. However, when the work’s purpose is defined, they understand their impact on the organisation or team. This incentivises them as they know that they are making a difference.

3.Micromanaging employees put down their morale. Instead, give an assignment and a deadline and let your employees manage it themselves. This motivates employees, allowing them to work with complete freedom, and to do their best. This also improves efficiency.

4.Look at the big picture. Small tasks may seem insignificant but let your team members know that the small jobs play a huge role in improving the success and productivity of the business. Show them the big picture and their contribution to it.

5.Be clear of your expectations. Set the idea of what you want to achieve and how you want to achieve it and give the task to the team. When the mission is clear, it motivates employees. 

6.Set goals that are small and easy to achieve. Each step should be measured. This will let the employees gauge what needs to be done to reach the end. It is easy to measure small and visible actions that boost motivation and pushes them to achieve the next stage.

.Recognise your employees’ hard work and the result that they deliver. Mention the reasons why you think that they did a good job. Present them with the relevant incentives with the help of Performance Appraisal software. When you appreciate and give a reason for the same, the employees feel motivated to do better the next time.

8.Great work should be rewarded. End of the year rewards and recognitions for excellent work is accomplished with money and bonuses but do not limit yourself to just that. Get creative and offer rewards that fit the employee’s needs.

9.Staying healthy is essential to boost productivity. Encourage employees to exercise regularly and sleep well. When you promote better health, you are also improving their motivation in organisation.

10.The employees need fuel to run. This means eating healthy and drinking plenty of water. Ordering healthy lunch and snack occasionally is a great way to interact with each other. Also, keep adequate water dispensers in each bay.

11.Regular breaks help to refuel and relax. It lets the employees unwind and destress. It all keeps them healthy both physically and mentally.

12.Fun activities planned from time to time create a healthy environment at work. Participating in a marathon as a team or setting up activities at the workflow are also ways to boost staff motivation.

13.Along with the employees’ psychological needs, it is also important to offer them a sense of security. If the team members are secure about themselves in your company, they will be motivated to work to their full potential.

14.Inclusivity means that the member has equal access to every resource and opportunity, is treated fairly, and can contribute to the business’s success. It is crucial to make the employees realise that their thoughts and ideas count, making them feel valuable and motivated to improve.

15.Teamwork brings unity and should be encouraged to motivate employees and the business better.

16.Upgrade the tools that your employees use to make the work faster for them. Also, invest in quality supplies for your office. Ergonomic tables and chairs, noise-cancelling headphones, and faster internet are simple ways to keep employees happy.

17.Hiring an efficiency expert is also something that you may want to think over. They can bring the maximum out of the employees making the employees feel productive.

18.Streamline communication because this can be a significant roadblock if not done correctly. If everyone communicates well and openly, then this reflects in happy team members.

19.Cultivate a strong relationship between the employer and employee. This strengthens employee loyalty, increases productivity, and streamlines conflict resolution. 

20.Pay attention to employee burnout and avoid it at all costs. Employee burnout makes them drained out physically, mentally, and emotionally which in turn decreases motivation.


Getting up to go to work daily and doing the mundane tasks can feel irritating. It is thus necessary to find out ways to motivate employees, which helps boost their performance. Employees who work with a positive mood also spread energy in the workplace and can manage the hurdles seamlessly. Join the HR analytics course from Jigsaw Academy for HR training learn more on this.


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