How Can Organizations Generate More Leads Via Social Media?

As on today, social media lead generation has made it to every marketer’s approach. This is a great way not only to generate leads but also stay in touch with prospective clients – you can share good news, special offers and relevantcontent amongst other things to keep the users captivated. 

Any reputed social media marketing services  company such as RepIndia will recommend using social media to generate leads. 

Tips to increase leads using social media

There are many ways in which businesses can optimize their social media to generate business. Here are a few:  

  1. Social Media Profile Optimization

Prior to planning a social media lead campaign, your profile needs to be ideal to be able to organically gather &collect data. This means the customer should not be lost when they land on your social media accounts – they should be able to easily access the items to shop from, contact details, subscription option and more.  

  • Display Your Contact Information

The business contact details must be clearly visible and readily available on the profile.And also ensure that you are equipped to deal with customer queries – via email, messenger, calls etc. 

  • Create Call-To-Action Buttons

Depending on the business goal – subscription, sharing customer details, signing up, request a call back you need to have relevant call to action buttons in place. For e.g. If you are a restaurant on Instagram, you must have a reservation, click option 

  1. Create Impressive and Relevant Content on Your Social Account

Your content needs to be so compelling that people click on it & get driven to the website. You need to know that your competitors are competing for the same set of eyes and attention & with so much information out there users get distracted very easily. Your content needs to be mind blowing, relevant and attractive – sharp content will get clicks and visitors to your website.

If your content is click-worthy you need to supplement it with a place to click. Wherever you can manage, add a call to action or a link that tempts the potential customer further. There are multiple ways in which you can give clickable tabs: 

  • Shop the look on Pinterest
  • On Facebook shop, Tag the product 
  • Give the shopping option on Instagram stories & posts
  • Use the swipe up option on Instagram stories
  • YouTube End screens
  1. Landing Pages Need To Be Well- Designed and User Friendly

Now that you have convinced a potential buyer to click on your link, the landing page should not be sloppy. It should be relevant and well designed. 

First point to remember is the relevance, as a shopper if I have clicked on a link for face creams it should not take me to a hand cream page on your website. The customer needs to see what it was looking for when they land on your page. If they need to search too much, they may actually forget what it was they were looking for and close the window. 

An ideal landing page will be seamless, easy to scan and provide clear options about what is to be done. If there is a form involved, kept it basic, if there are too many fields or you require sensitive information, they may not end up filling it. Try and pre-fill whatever information you can

  1. Make Use of The Lead Generation Ads Available On Social Media 

Once you have depleted the organic lead collection, proceduresor if you want to boost your lead generation efforts go for social media ads. You can track the performance and check the RoI of these ads.

  • Facebook Advertisements

Facebook has explicit lead formats that enable promotion. These can be integrated with your internal lead management system or downloaded for the sales team.  Facebook even has retargeting tools that are especially useful for lead nurturing.

  • Instagram Lead Generation Ads

Similar to Facebook, Instagram also helps collect information. It even gives the option of pre-filled forms. 

  • Linkedin Lead Generation Forms

LinkedIn offers Lead Gen Forms that come in form of Sponsored InMail and Message Ads. LinkedIn takes profile information to pre-fill certain sections similar to Facebook and Instagram. On an average 13% conversions take place from the LinkedIn Lead Gen Form which is higher than other lead gen options.

Other platforms such as YouTube, Pinterest and Twitter also have their ad options.  


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